Sunday, April 7, 2013

TRUCKS: Cobb’s RAM Trails Truck Field at Martinsville

SOURCE: The Malay Mail

Jennifer Jo Cobb picked up the 4th last-place finish of her NASCAR Camping World Truck Series career in Saturday’s Kroger 250 at the Martinsville Speedway when her #10 RAM fell out with clutch problems after she completed 22 of the race’s 250 laps.

The finish was Cobb’s first of 2013 and her first in the series since last summer at Pocono, thirteen races ago.  Part-time teammate Blake Koch scored her team’s most recent last-place finish while driving the #0 Ford in the finale at Homestead last fall.

Cobb qualified 35th in the 36-truck field.  She failed to complete a qualifying lap, but was locked-in on Owner Points along with Robert Bruce and Norm Benning.  All three were slower than Jonathan Davenport and Clay Greenfield, who didn’t make the field for Saturday’s race.

Cobb pulled behind the wall during the opening green-flag run, followed fourteen laps later by Daytona last-placer Scott Riggs.

*This was the first last-place finish for a RAM in a Truck Series race at Martinsville since 2006, when Damon Lusk’s #25 Woodard Racing Dodge was involved in a two-truck crash after 63 laps of the Kroger 200.
*This was the first last-place finish for both Cobb and the #10 in a Truck Series race at Martinsville.
*This was the second-straight race at Martinsville where the last-place finisher fell out with clutch problems.  Last fall in the Kroger 200, Chris Fontaine’s Stingray Chevrolet / Glenden Enterprises Chevrolet had the same problem after five laps of the Kroger 200.

36) #10-Jennier Jo Cobb / 22 laps / clutch
35) #92-Scott Riggs / 36 laps / ignition
34) #99-Bryan Silas / 109 laps / drive shaft
33) 57-Norm Benning / 135 laps / rear gear
32) #7-John Wes Townley / 205 laps / crash

1st) Jennifer Jo Cobb, Scott Riggs (1)

1st) #10-Jennifer Jo Cobb, #92-Ricky Benton (1)

1st) Chevrolet, RAM (1)


Matthew L. Lewis said...

Didn't JJC quit and totally screw a-team over prior to the Bristol race because " her fans deserve better and she is not a start and Parker?" Oh how quickly we forget.

UnderdogFan89 said...

As far as I can tell, this wasn't a start-and-park effort. I don't get SPEED anymore, so I'm only going off of the NASCAR live leaderboard and what I've found online, but it appears that J.J. Cobb had all kinds of suspension problems in practice and couldn't get everything together to qualify (hence no lap). When the race began, the live leaderboard had her sitting at 0 laps for a long time, so I'm assuming she was still having issues and couldn't get out onto the track. When she finally got onto the track, she ran for a bit and then other problems occurred. She probably wished she HAD start-and-parked, based on everything that went wrong.

I could totally be wrong, but from where I see it, I wouldn't be pointing fingers at her today. Since she's said that at Bristol 2011, I think she's only s&p'd three times in any series (and one of which was "forced" on her as she crashed her car in practice and was given a car by another team under the condition she park it.)