Sunday, March 11, 2012

N’WIDE: Mike Harmon Ends Jeff Green’s Streak At Two

Mike Harmon picked up the 12th last-place finish of his NASCAR Nationwide Series career in Saturday’s Sam’s Town 300 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway when his #74 Koma Unwind Relaxation Drink Chevrolet fell out with a vibration after 3 of the race’s 200 laps.

The finish was Harmon’s first of the year and his first in a Nationwide race since last spring at Fontana, 32 races ago. Harmon is now tied for 5th in the all-time LASTCAR Nationwide Series standings and for 11th all-time.

Harmon qualified 41st in the 43-car field at an average speed of 166.420 mph. By following Scott Speed’s #47 The Motorsports Group Chevrolet to the garage after three laps, both prevented Jeff Green from scoring his third consecutive last-place finish. Green pulled out of the race one lap later, but was followed by Josh Wise, Speed’s teammate. This left Green in the 40th spot.

*Harmon’s most recent Nationwide Series last-place finish at Las Vegas was in 2003, when his Gregg Mixon-owned #44 Global Industrial Contractors Chevrolet fell out with an oil pump problem after four laps.
*The #74 had never before finished last in a Nationwide Series race at Las Vegas.
*For the first time in Nationwide Series history, the first three last-place finishers of the season completed the same number of laps. All three last-place finishers existed after three laps, and all had “vibration” as the listed cause.

43) #74-Mike Harmon / 3 laps / vibration
42) #47-Scott Speed / 3 laps / vibration
41) #42-Josh Wise / 4 laps / electrical
40) #10-Jeff Green / 4 laps / vibration
39) #46-Chase Miller / 6 laps / electrical

1st) Jeff Green (2)
2nd) Mike Harmon (1)

1st) #10-TriStar Motorsports (2)
2nd) #74-Mike Harmon (1)

1st) Toyota (2)
2nd) Chevrolet (1)


Bill Wood said...

Brock, great article as usual. Good to read some Nationwide series news that doesn't involve what's-her-name.

Jeff Green had a golden opportunity to score another point in the Lastcar championship, but he blew it by running one lap too long. What was he thinking? Even I know the tires start losing grip after about a lap and a half.

Brian Scott should win some kind of award after wadding up yet another Joe Gibbs car. At least the boy is consistent.

I don't to waste too much of your time reading this so let me just say thanks for the racing coverage, and let's hope Mike "Bristol Wreck" Harmon doesn't take away too many points from Jeff Green this week.

Take care Brock!

Bill Wood
Richmond, va.

Brock Beard said...

Mr. Wood,

You're very welcome. Thanks for reading and, by all means, don't hesitate to post comments here or drop me E-Mails. I enjoy hearing from my readers.

Bristol's gonna be fun for sure, scene of Jeff Green's record-setting fourth-straight 43rd last summer!